As an Author

I first began writing books and stories when I was about eight years old. Though those were hardly what I would call publishable material, it was far from wasted time. With every paragraph, I grew as a writer until I finally managed to cough up something vaguely resembling a shareable piece of literature. I have since self-published a book and ghostwritten on several science fiction projects. If you would like to inquire about freelance or contract writing, then feel free to reach out to me.

Previous Work

Captain Walker and the Meaning of Life

Suppose, for a moment, that there is an omnipotent creator of all existence in our universe and that this deity exists in a physical location somewhere among the stars. Before I go further I would like to clarify that I have no intentions of handing you a pamphlet on self-enlightenment and refusing to leave your doorstep until you pretend to agree with an established ideology. This is not one of those types of stories. Instead, this is the story about Reno Walker, a shipless captain and former space pirate who, after escaping from an intergalactic prison planet designed to bore the bajeebers out of its inhabitants, has a chance meeting with a socially awkward scientist that believes he’s discovered a way of finding the physical location of the creator of the universe. Together they set out in Captain Walker’s salvaged starship to reassemble Walker’s former crew, journey through the universe to meet the creator of existence, and discover the meaning of life–all while being pursued by the most agonizingly dull species to ever set foot in their galaxy. Along the way, Walker and his crew of misfits will engage in several bar fights, grapple with an automatonic slot machine, steal from old people, accidentally commit double genocide, and learn next to no life lessons.


“Naturally, as any person not living within the Felsic System does, Walker pocketed these coins. I exclude the Felsic System because they use timed explosives for currency as a means of encouraging excessive and immediate spending, thus permanently stimulating the economy. Holiday sales are rather deadly affairs, but a Felsic wallet can also double as a nuclear fallout shelter.”


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A Super Secret Project That I Can’t Tell You About Yet

Coming Soon

I would love to be able to tell you all about it, but we’ll both have to wait just a bit longer for now.